Who Are We?
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1. Who Are We?

Who are we?
Aidan and Eileen O’Donoghue and Shay Lynch (RIP) founded Ardmore Rovers S.F.C. in 1979. The club was formed to provide soccer football for children in the Ardmore area of Bray. The club developed very quickly and had seven teams within a few years from Under 9 to Under l1.
Currently the club has a vibrant Cubs Academy, where children as young as 4 years old start to learn the basic skills. When they reach 7 years of age, they join the youngest of our 32 teams from U8 to U19, which cater for about 500 children from all areas in Bray and further afield. We also have 2 Senior teams catering for about 40 Adults.

The aim of the club?
The main aim of the club is to provide a safe and friendly environment for children and young adults to enjoy a sporting pastime. To that effect, all teams are managed and run by at least two adults who in turn are supported by the club. Running more than one team in each age group allows us to facilitate all levels of players from competitive children with very good skills, to non competitive children starting out with low skills levels. We coach children as early as 4 years of age and indeed we encourage them to start as young as possible, as competitive matches start at under 11 years of age.

How does it work?
From age 7 to age 9 children play 5v5 games which allow their football skills to develop on a smaller pitch with less players, as only five from each team are allowed on the pitch at a time. This moves to 7 a side at age 10 and at 12 years of age, children start playing 9 a-side and at 13 years of age, they play 11 a side soccer and their positioning and ball control skills, which were developed over the past 6 years, are then put to competitive use.

Where do we compete?
All the age groups from U8 to U18 play in and around Dublin in the DDSL League. From age U19, we compete in the Leinster Senior League.

Other areas the club is involved?
Over the years the club have made many trips within Ireland as well as trips to England, Wales, France and Spain, taking part in tournaments. We have also made trips to see many games in the English League and as part of these trips, the club play friendlies against English and Welsh teams. These trips are organised by the managers of individual teams and can only be achieved with the help of the parents.

Where do we play?
Each week we play either at home in St Kilians for U8’s & U9’s, and St Brendan's, Ballywaltrim or The Peoples Park for everybody else. The away games are usually based in Dublin, or in close proximity to the M50, with the furthest normally around Portmarnock. There is a requirement therefore that parents help drive to the matches and support the Manager in getting the team to the away venues.

Code of Practice
The club adopted a Code of Practice in 2004 in conjunction with the FAI. It was introduced and adopted to create a more friendly, safe and supportive environment for all children. Everyone associated with the club is expected to sign up to the code, Managers, Helpers and Coaches as well as Players and Parents. Contained on the website, you will find the Parents contract and Player’s contract, which the club requires you to sign. It is contained within the club membership form.